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Travellers rave about the coastal area, which boasts old slave-trading forts and fishing villages, and is home to Kakum National Park. Here, along a 250km stretch of sand, you can visit 15 forts and castles or you can see some of the world's most amazing animals up close on our safari. Whatever you are looking to do, the staff at Abuesi will help plan the perfect day.

culture & history

Ghana have a lot of attractions where you can get in touch with Ghanaian culture and history. 

Fort St. Anthony of Axim 

Accra's Handcraft Market 

Ashanti Kingdom 

Coast Castle, Cape Coast 

Obuasi Gold Mine 

Elmina and St George's Castle

wildlife & vegetation

Ghana has several National Parks that are worth visiting. 

Or what about feeding crocodiles?

plain fun

Accra's vibrant nightlife. Cruise on the largest man made lake in the world. Fishing for barracuda. Beaches and water sports. All this you can explore in Ghana. 

about ghana

The Ghanaian people comprise ethnic elements, diverse in their personality, historical and cultural backgrounds, welded effectively into a unitary state. Currently, the population is estimated at about 24.6 million (2012), with an average annual growth rate of 1.78 percent (2012 est.). The predominantly vivacious spirit of the people is clearly manifested in some of the ethnic groups in their music and dance, as well as the proverbial Ghanaian hospitability radiating in the welcoming smiles on the faces of the people.