Travellers rave about the coastal area, which boasts old slave-trading forts and fishing villages, and is home to Kakum National Park. Here, along a 250km stretch of sand, you can visit 15 forts and castles or you can see some of the world's most amazing animals up close on our safari. Whatever you are looking to do, the staff at Abuesi will help plan the perfect day.


Discover the villages as well as the skill and dexterity of the craftspeople who produce many of the souvenirs you will want to take home. Many villages have traditional Fante military fortresses which also serve as the abode for war gods of the clan and a citadel of strength in times of war. In addition to their interesting history, you will see that Posuban Shrines are fanciful buildings, lavishly decorated with folk art emblems and a remarkable array of life-size statues.


Witness culture come alive in the annual colorful festivals, serving to purify the ancestral "stool" (sacred pieces of furniture), cleanse communities of evil, venerate the ancestors, and supplicate the deities for prosperity and unity. Enjoy opportunities to view drumming, dancing, firing of musketry, war dances, and processions where chiefs in full regalia are paraded through town.


Beach lovers are assured a relaxing experience along the expansive coastline. With twelve hours of bright sunshine practically guaranteed all year round, and a surf that varies seasonally from absolute calm to sizeable waves, there is something for everyone. Don't forget to bring your ocean gear too! Abuesi also offers game fishing, canoeing and bird watching from our sea-worthy boats.